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Bee & Pollinator Discovery Center, The Landscape Arboretum, Minnesota, MSR Design.
Located on the site of a traditional Minnesota farmstead.
The center features exhibition space for telling the story of pollinators.
Outside, the galvalume roof appears incandescent against charred timber.
In addition to an exhibit gallery the center also includes a learning lab and honey house.
Inside, north light from above washes over a muted palette of timber and concrete.
Honey bees visit two million flowers to make one pound of honey.
This outreach facility will invite visitors of all ages to learn about the health of pollinators.
The Landscape Arboretum hopes to teach and promote farm-to-table methods for growing, preparing and preserving food.
This award winning building is phase one of a wider master plan for the site.
In addition to bees the exhibits cover other important pollinators such as the Monarch Butterfly.
The look and feel of the project is very much in keeping with the Minnesota farmstead setting.
Part of the experience for school children is to walk through the wild flower garden and see the pollinators hard at work.
In 2017 MSR received an AIA Honor Award for the Bee & Pollinator Discovery Centre.
The project also received the 2017 Wood Design Award - 'Beauty of Wood category'