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2012 Athletes' Village Health Centre, Penoyre & Prasad
The building’s sculptural form was a direct response to the brief for a landmark presence.
The design team took inspiration from the church spires of Manhattan
The pale tone of the clinker brick compliments the colours used in adjacent buildings.
At ground level and first floor the brick facade pulls back creating a generous arcade.
The colours used in the arcade are a playful reference to the olympic medals.
Carefully considered signage and graphics have been used to enhance the patient experience.
There are dedicated reception desks and waiting areas on three of the floors.
The east wing contains flexible clinical rooms across 4 floors.
The atrium creates a unifying heart for the disparate activities within the building.
Bespoke lime green rubber flooring and specialist signage design.
The pale tone of the brickwork takes on different hues throughout the day.
Strong verticals are a defined and re-occuring theme in the design.
Post games the facility has been renamed: Sir Ludwig Guttmann Health & Wellbeing Centre